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5 tips of how to ensure that a team is both motivated and focused.  Posted by Smart Rota on 25th October 2017

Working in a hospitality environment holds many opportunities. It is key that there is always motivation within your team to ensure the highest possible professionalism and positivity leading to the desired outcome. Successful events are dependent on having a strong, focused team that know what they need to achieve.

Creating an awesome team can take time, but maintaining enthusiasm throughout the long working days and customer facing requirements takes its toll. It is not uncommon for team members to become inconsistent as the day goes on and managerial techniques is a great way to keep them on track.

Good chemistry between a team and manager can often be a help or a hindrance to the workforce, so it is important to keep a strong working atmosphere.


Have clarity on your objectives and goals

Making sure that your team knows what it is that needs to be achieved is a basic way to bring the team together. Setting goals and objectives will give the team a sense of motivation in the form of competition and a final outcome. Having an end goal will help the team to focus on the finish line and perform to their highest ability. Clarifying instructions from the start means that if a member of the team doesn't understand an objective, it can quickly be resolved through deeper explanation and training. It leaves little room for error within the team as everyone understands what they as individuals need to achieve, as well as what they need from the whole team.


Do not micro-manage

Managing a team is often hard, especially when there is a specific process of how the job needs to be done. But it can be demoralizing to an individual and the team's morale if a manager is watching over everything they do. If decent training has been provided, the team should be able to work without every small detail being watched over by an authoritative figure. Micro-managing a team can lead to unenthusiastic employees that worry about being monitored at every step leading to sloppy work and a lack of efficiency.


The 90th-minute push

In Football, they have the phrase "The 90th-minute push". It means that the team must work hard until the final whistle of the game. This is applicable to any team in hospitality and is a key motivational tool. Helping the team focus and stay motivated until the final order is made can be a necessity for managers operating stations at busy events.  But also, using this managerial technique can bring unification to the team with everyone trying to support their fellow teammates.


Understanding the individual needs of your team members

As well as being a performance-based manager, it is also critical to keep an open mind about the needs of certain team members. Employing the same approach with each employee can leave certain individuals with a lack of support. But having a managerial role model that someone feels open to talking to can lead to efficient resolutions of problems.



There is nothing more inspiring than watching a leader rolling up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. In hospitality it is no different. A leader who is absent the front line of hospitality industry can often leave a team feeling hard-done-by, but a leader who is willing to take time out of their day to get involved is a leader people will appreciate and respect. Pack mentality is in the human DNA - togetherness is something that everyone strives for and when people see leaders working alongside them, it is a huge motivation.

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