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Establishing a Shared Goal Among Your Team Posted by Smart Rota on 13th June 2019

Your team is the foundation of your business. Without your employees, your company would be pretty pointless. Your staff members are all working towards a common goal – the success of your business. However, what if everyone isn’t on the same page?

You need to set some smaller goals to get your team on track, before you aim for complete dedication from all your employees.

To establish a shared goal among your team you need to decide on an achievable target that all members of your staff need to work towards. This means all your staff either need to be capable of achieving the goal or be trained up to attain it.

What Goal Should I Be Setting My Team?

In the hospitality industry, there are lots of different goals you can set yourself. It’s just about deciding which ones best and most appropriate for your business and team.

Firstly, decide what goal you want to set. It could be something simple like setting a goal for your team to work better together. Alternatively, you could aim higher and want to achieve a set amount of sales by the end of the year.

Make your goal personal to your team by letting your team collaborate with you on setting objectives. Letting your employees be involved in your business’s structure will make them feel more positive about the projects and tasks they’re carrying out.

Let Everyone Know

Hold a meeting to discuss the goals being set. Make sure everyone understands what they need to do to achieve the goal, and make sure every team member plays some part in your business’s journey. Hold weekly or monthly meetings, depending on the length of time you’ve got to achieve the goal. Use seminars to get everyone to fill you in on what they’ve done so far.

Set Deadlines and Track Progress

Make sure your team know when certain things have to be completed. Do not let your employees fall behind and negatively influence the rest of your staff. Set deadlines and remind team members when tasks have to be completed.

Keep an eye on what everyone is doing and track team member’s progress. If you feel that someone isn’t keeping up with deadlines, take them aside and see what’s holding them back.

Help Where You Can

Do not set a goal you can’t achieve yourself. One of the worst things you can do as a manager is set a task and leave everyone else to it. Make yourself available to your team if they need help or guidance. Check in with employees daily and if you see anyone struggling, take them for a one-to-one until they feel more positive about their role in the business.

Learn and Grow

Sometimes your methods won’t work, and you will have to try alternatives – that doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Training and growing as a team are all about trial and error; one method of establishing a shared goal may not work for some. Don’t give up and keep focused on your goals.

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