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To inform managers who want to succeed in the New Year. Posted by Smart Rota on 15th January 2020

A new year means that there are a whole lot of new and inspiring trends in the hospitality sector waiting for you and your business.

However, what does this mean for your current company and what aspects of the trends can you easily incorporate into your restaurant, café or pub?

The environment in mind

One of the biggest trends of 2020 is going to be sustainability. The new year signals a change in our way of thinking, especially when it comes to the effect our business has on the environment. In 2020, you can expect to see more vegan options on the menu, a focus on waste reduction and more ways to avoid plastic and high energy usage. For example, in 2019 we saw lots of businesses in the hospitality sector say goodbye to plastic straws. We can expect to see a lot more minor and major changes like this in companies this year too.


As technology evolves, so must the businesses that use it. The biometrics on smartphones has taken the world by storm and it’s likely that the same kind of technology will be applied to hotel security. For example, hotels may start to use fingerprints and facial recognition to open doors, lifts and hotel rooms to give a smoother experience to those that are staying there. However, the technology hasn’t quite got to that point in the hospitality industry, but if things change, this is the first alteration to the hotel sector likely to happen.

Artificial intelligence

Alike to biometrics, artificial intelligent (AI) technology is likely to be big in 2020 especially for those looking to market and advertise online. We can already see artificial intelligent technology in chatbots and booking agents and it’s likely to improve as the year progresses. The industry is likely to focus on human-like guest interactions to make their experience while booking as pleasant as possible.

AI can also help with marketing efforts and finding the right clients for your business too.

Experiences over bed and breakfast

It seems guests are favouring cultural activities and experiences over the usual bed and breakfast or the other traditional options offered by hotels. For example, consider spa resorts, wine-tasting and adventurous activities nearby – build on those around you or create your own fun and cultural experiences. Similarly, restaurants could benefit by having a cultural theme and offering food that aligns with that too.

Augmented reality and ‘smart’ menus

Augmented reality (AR) technology is becoming increasingly popular on smartphones and it’s like to entwine with the hospitality sector real soon. For example, imagine how incredible it would be to see a dish before you order it – you would literally be able to see your food on your plate before you eat it. This would be great for customer service and potentially lower the number of complaints in the restaurant. Virtual reality can be a great asset to businesses in the hospitality industry too as they can give guests a chance to look around before they’ve even booked a room or table.

Also, businesses are likely to offer alterations to the menu and be more flexible with ingredients and dishes.

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